The AGINFRAplus Data Science Challenge


Today, data science is heavily used by innovative startups. It powers predictive analytics. It mines DNA sequences. It processes satellite images. It analyses series of sensor measurements. Or it does some other kind of magic that we don’t know of — yet.

We want to bring to light the data science innovators working in food and agriculture. We want to showcase the business models that are using data science to do something different, faster, better.

Why should you participate?

  • To win the first prize and be awarded a contract of 10,000 euros to showcase your work.
  • To have access to more scientific data, from a wealth of open science results that the prestigious academic institutions from all around Europe offer.
  • To be granted access to a large scale computing infrastructure over which you may execute very complex computations.
  • To be promoted through a very large and prestigious network, around Europe and the world.

Who can participate? Startups and SMEs that have less than 1M Euros annual revenue and their headquarters in the European Union. That have a business model fueled by one ore more data science components.

Which are the important dates?

  • Submission deadline: December 6th, 2019
  • Notification of winner: December 13th, 2019
  • Contract award (according to the H2020 rules, to be eligible and get paid immediately): December 20th, 2019

Join the Challenge

Your Company

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Your Data Science Innovation

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The selected AGINFRA+ Use Cases will illustrate the benefits of applying the Science as a Service approach to pressing research questions from the corresponding research communities.


This community focuses on use cases aim to support the workflow of researchers, intermediaries and business analysts working on crop modelling, crop phenology estimation and yield forecasting, as well as related activities in the area of policy and decision support in food security, farm management advice and related activities.



This community focuses on use cases to support scientists in the multidisciplinary field of risk assessment and emerging risk identification as there is currently a strong need to create new technology-supported solutions that facilitate the knowledge integration processes relevant for these tasks.



This community focuses on use cases related to the high-throughput phenotyping large amount of data which need to be analyzed immediately for decision making. This aims to support phenomics researchers to select plant species and varieties which are the most adapted to specific environments and to global changes.


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