AGINFRA+ addresses the challenge of supporting user-driven design and prototyping of innovative e-infrastructure services and applications. It particularly tries to meet the needs of the scientific and technological communities that work on the multi-disciplinary and multi-domain problems related to agriculture and food. It will use, adapt and evolve existing open e-infrastructure resources and services, in order to demonstrate how fast prototyping and development of innovative data and computing-intensive applications can take place.


This project builds upon the extensive experience and work of its partners, who are key stakeholders in the e-infrastructures ecosystem. It also implements part of a strategic vision shared between Agroknow, the National Agronomic Research Institute of France (INRA), the Alterra Institute of the Wageningen University & Research Center (ALTERRA), the National Institute for Risk Assessment of Germany (BfR), and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations - the latter one, not participating as a funded beneficiary, but supporting the project and its activities.


These stakeholders are part of a core group of internationally recognised players (including the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) aiming to put in place a free global data infrastructure for research and innovation in agriculture, food and environmental science. This data infrastructure will become an incubator of the large infrastructure investments that global donors (including the European Commission) make in the field of agricultural research around the world.