Our Vision

AGINFRA is the European research hub and thematic aggregator that catalogues and makes discoverable publications, data sets and software services developed by Horizon 2020 research projects on topics related to agriculture, food and the environment.

It is part of the broader vision of the European research e-infrastructure “European Open Science Cloud”, a synergy between OpenAIRE, EUDAT, GEANT, EGI, LIBER.

With the integration of big data processing components from projects like the Horizon 2020 BigDataEurope and the FP7 SemaGrow, AGINFRA evolves into a big data analytics capable e-infrastructure for agri-food, to respond to the needs of three (3) adjacent yet not fully connected user communities:

  • H2020 SC1 Health
  • H2020 SC2 Food security and sustainable agriculture
  • H2020 SC5 Climate action and environment